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Skins was originally established from, what we felt, was a real gap in the market for the 'perfect' condom. Our aim has been concrete from the start and lead to our tagline; "changing the perception of contraception".

  • Young, Wild & Free

    The mysterious allure of one night stands is an interesting one. Society hasn’t evolved much on this topic in the past few decades: For men, having one night stands make you a real jack-the-lad. For... Read more
  • Sexual Slump

    No matter how much you sometimes want to rip each others’ clothes off, there will be times where life just gets in the way. You might be too tired, she might be on her period... Read more
  • 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The V

    Oh, the wondrous vagina. A complex and clever little thing. It can strengthen by doing regular exercise; it can make its own lubrication; and it can even stretch to the size of a melon to... Read more