Safe Sex

If we all look after the willies of the world we'll all have sexy-time smiles! Here's a few pointers to keep those little soldiers stood to attention & ready for inspection...

No-one wants an infection or disease, so why run the risk of infecting our favourite body parts? STIs and STDs can cause havoc, and the one and only way to protect our intimate bits is with a Skins Condom for contraception.

Like parenthood, it's a joint responsibility to make or prevent babies. Don't assume your partner will be in charge of that precaution. Always have a Skins condom as contraception just incase. What the hell, if you've both got a Skins condom you can do it twice!

We all know Peckers and Lady Gardens can't count so it's up to you how many partners you have. Not everyone has a maths talent, so just think, multiple partners means multiple risks. And if you're feeling really clever, how's the maths risk looking when your multiple partners have their own groups of playmates?

Never Go in Without a Skin!