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At Skins, we believe talking about sex is a good thing - after all a happy and healthy sex life has many great health benefits from filling your body with good endorphins to even helping you live longer.

One of our favourite conversations is how to 'change the perception of contraception'.

Dr Pixie McKenna

As we constantly strive to get our safe sex message out there, we welcome with open arms other advocates who want to shout about the importance of being protected!

The guys at Skins condoms are passionate about inspiring people to have better sex

Dr Pixie, from Channel 4 TV show Embarrassing Bodies, jumped on board to talk all things sexual health and how vitally important it is to “Never go in Without a Skin”.

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Dr Christian Jessen

We are also on a mission to remove any embarrassment from buying and using condoms – not a simple task in a very prudish Britain! But looking after your sexual health is something to be proud of and we want to get our message out there. One of our favourite conversations is the many ways we can ‘change the perception of contraception”. We teamed up with fellow Sexual Health advocate, Embarrassing Bodies’ doctor, Dr Christian Jessen, to spread the word through the sound waves.

They’re doing the right thing, they’re being safe, they’re protecting their partners…why is that      something to be embarrassed about?

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